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How to clean a yoga mat

I have no idea why this is on the “Meow” page. I’m just learning how to use WordPress, alright?

Some mats (mostly the eco-friendly ones) can’t be unslipperyized (like the Jade mats). This is especially true if you keep your mat in the car because the heat and the mat don’t like each other. So stop doing that. But they can still be squeaky clean!

For all the other mats out there that CAN be unslippered, and to give your mat a deep cleaning, here are the steps to take your mat from a hot slippery mess to sticky heaven (I can’t find the source of this information, so try not to get too mad at me if something weird happens to your mat…but it works for me every time).

1. Wipe down your mat with a mild soap (like Bonner’s) and warm water. Wipe off the wet stuff with a dry towel.

2. Exfoliate your mat with sea salt & warm water (use a towel and rub gently). Wipe off the excess salt and let dry.

3. Give your mat a bath with apple cider vinegar and water (I submerge mine, very loosely rolled up, in a bucket). I don’t know the ratios, but a little bit of apple cider vinegar goes a long way. Do this for at least 30 minutes. Wipe it down with a towel and let it dry thoroughly.

4. Spray your mat with a mixture of rubbing alcohol & water. Again, I don’t know the ratios, but use your judgment and you should be fine, unless you have really poor judgment. Let it dry.


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